Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Awesome flyers

More than just a flyer…..

Flyers are a great sales tool; they can highlight promotions, serve as reminders, holiday announcements or showcase a new office. This

Printing flyers are one of the most effective and cost efficient ways to market your business or product. The versatility of the flyer is great for seminars, presentations, and networking events. Some flyers can be produced in short amounts of time and the content can be easily changed out over time to highlight new promotions.

A flyer should be easy to read for the end consumer to draw attention to the product or service. Keeping details to a minimum and using larger text will keep your flyer looking clean and simple. No boring flyers here just don’t go overboard with extras, you only need to capture their attention.

One of the best times to product a flyer is to highlight an upcoming sale or promotion. Selecting a time sensitive matter will draw traffic and eventually sales.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Perfect Print Shop

Welcome to our blog post! To help launch our first post we wanted to share some tips on helping you find the perfect print shop.

-       Quick turnaround times: A quality finished print project is only good if it completed in time. On top of that, nothing is worse than waiting a week to find out that your art work is not print ready and no one said anything. Ensuring that consistent and timely communication is happening between the client and printer is the key to a successful relationship.
-       Templates: A good print shop will have templates to use; they may not be online but they should be able to email a copy to you. This simple added service is great for consistency for both a designer and the production team.
-       Customer Service: We all have our share of horrible customer service stories and we have all made errors along the way. Even when the going gets tough communicating with the client on their project needs to happen. A response from customer service within 24 hours is ideal and the sooner the better is always the way to go. 
-       Referrals: A print shop that came recommended is always a great reference point. You receive a contact person at the company and have an understanding of the work they complete.